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Top 5 Books most similar to the Hunger Games series

For me, reading the Hunger Games series was truly eye-opening. It taught me so much about writing and plotting all while being hugely entertaining. Being a major fan of The Hunger Games, I'm naturally constantly on the search for novels that are comparable. Whether you've recently completed the series and need something to fill the vacuum or you're seeking for something with a similar premise, these top 5 novels will fulfill your demands.


Divergent by Veronica Roth


Divergent is one of the most popular dystopian books for young adults after The Hunger Games. The story follows Beatrice "Tris" Prior, who lives in a world separated into five factions based on personality types, in a post-apocalyptic civilization. Divergent, like The Hunger Games, has a strong female heroine who opposes the established quo and battles against an oppressive society. Tris decides to quit her faction, Abnegation, and join Dauntless, a particularly courageous and daring group. She discovers a truth about herself that might have grave ramifications for her and her companions. Divergent is a series filled with action and emotional intensity that will have you on the edge of your seat. Featuring themes of love, loyalty, and self-discovery, it is an excellent pick for those seeking a fascinating dystopian journey.


The Maze Runner by James Dashner


The Hunger Games has been likened by many to The Maze Runner, another famous young adult dystopian fiction. The two stories share a lot of similarities, be it in their protagonists, worlds and the over-all feelings the books convey. The plot focuses on Thomas, a teenage kid who awakens with no recollection of his past and discovers he is stuck in a mystery labyrinth with a bunch of other lads. Similar to The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner involves a gang of adolescents against insurmountable odds to live. The lads must cross the perilous labyrinth and evade the terrible animals that lurk inside it, all while attempting to discover the truth about why they are there. The Maze Runner is an exciting, thrilling series that will keep you wondering until the very end. It is a must-read for aficionados of dystopian literature due to the themes of camaraderie, sacrifice, and survival.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is a fantasy series for young adults set in a world where people are segregated based on the colour of their blood. The Silvers are the governing elite, with superhuman skills and the ability to exert control over individuals with Red blood. Mare Barrow is a Red girl who realizes she has her own lethal ability. Similar to Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, the Silvers regard her as a danger and want to exploit her as a pawn in their political games. But Mare has her own intentions. She joins a revolt and attempts to undermine the repressive Silver government from within. With its themes of power, politics, and revolt, Red Queen is a riveting book that will hold your attention from beginning to end.

The Selection by Kiera Cass


The Selection is a young adult dystopian series which, like the Hunger Games, beautifully combines romance, action and political intrigue  The plot follows America Singer, who is selected to engage in a televised competition to win the heart of Prince Maxon and become the new queen in a future America. The Selection, like The Hunger Games, includes a tournament pitting young people against one another in a struggle for survival. In lieu of physical battle, however, the candidates must use their brains and charisma to win over the prince and his court. Along the journey, America must negotiate the intricate politics of the kingdom and choose her allegiances. The Selection is a lighthearted, romantic series that will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games who are in need of something a bit less intense. With themes of love, loyalty, and social status, it is an excellent pick for anybody seeking a guilty pleasure.

Legend by Marie Lu


Legend is a dystopian trilogy for young adults set in a future United States devastated by war and split into two classes: the rich and powerful, and the impoverished and downtrodden. June, a genius from the privileged sector, and Day, a runaway from the slums, are the protagonists of the narrative.

Legend involves a corrupt government and a rebellion aiming to topple it, similar to The Hunger Games. June and Day join together to discover a plot that threatens all they hold dear while navigating their conflicting love for one another. Legend is an exciting, fast-paced series that will hold your attention throughout. It is an excellent pick for lovers of dystopian literature with a romantic twist who like themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and love.

So, these are my five recommendations for novels that are broadly similar to The Hunger Games. From action-packed adventures to romantic dystopian tales, each of these books offers a unique take on the genre and will keep you captivated until the very end. Reading success!

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