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Hi, I am M.A. Gauthier

Currently, I am a marketing professional by day and a bookworm and author by night (and mornings, noons, afternoons after like six and the weekends). I am currently working on my novel "Orizonia", planning to publish it in late 2023. In the meantime, I will do my best to share my passion for the literery world in general and contemporarry fantasy in particular with you guys. If you fancy, drop me a note on Instagram (which I hope to revive soon) or simply by e-mail. 

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My Story

Unlike many other authors, I have not always dreamt about writing for a living. After a more or less eventful time in primary and secondary school, I had the opportunity to visit the so-called "Gymnasium", which here in Switzerland is the prerequisite to be allowed to study at University level later. I decided to go and study communications and marketing in a town roughly 200 kilometres from the place where I grew up. To many of my international readers, this distance will not seem consequential, but for us Swiss, this is practically the other side of the country. So I made a tremendous leap.  


It was then, during my time at the University of St. Gallen, that I started to write. It began with little stories, short adventures that somehow seemed to be connected, slowly building a world that I was able to explore. The world was silly at first but grew more serious and the stakes were suddenly higher than I had anticipated. Because of its silly beginnings, however, this story is destined to remain my private playground.

Having worked on and almost finished my first novel, "The Diamond General" in 2020, I decided to park it in the drawer and work on a second one, set in an entirely different world. This second novel, "Orizonia", will be realeased in fall / winter 2023. 

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